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Introducing Ballance with nature


Ballance has delivered strong results and an increased customer rebate for the 2021 financial year, a result achieved by using innovation backed by science, to help farmers and growers adapt to changing consumer demands, environmental requirements, and government policies.

Our farming community is constantly adapting and evolving, to ensure we continue to thrive in the years ahead. And at Ballance, we see the potential to make a real difference to the future of farming and growing in New Zealand. Which is why we are proud to introduce Ballance with Nature.


MyBallance allows you to capture and analyse a wealth of information for your farm, so you can make the most informed decisions for your business.

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If you’re keen to be part of the “good news” story that the awards are telling on behalf of NZ farmers and growers, check out the New Zealand Farm Environment Awards Trust website to find out more

Latest News

Ballance is a proud sponsor of the New Zealand Farm Environment Trust's Round the Farm Table project. Round the Farm Table has been designed to promote the Ballance Farm Environment Awards, celebrate its success stories, attract future entrants and keep them top of mind in the industry.

Latest News

The Primary Industry New Zealand (PINZ) Awards are all about acknowledging and celebrating teams, individuals and organisations that are leading the way towards a better future through investing in science, innovation and communities.