Super Air Mapping

Accurately delivering your farm’s nutrient needs.

Super Air utilise your farm maps, using the technology in the aircraft to plan and place fertiliser precisely. Reporting includes the ability to provide accurate proof-of-application for your farm.

Here's how our process works:

1) Mapping your farm

The first step in our process is creating a highly accurate geospatial map of your farm. This digital mapping provides absolute clarity on what is possible with nutrient application on your farm - and provides you with the precise information needed to make better informed decisions to maximise your fertiliser investment.

2) Fertiliser prescription

The highly detailed digital map allows you, your nutrient specialist or consultant, to prescribe precisely where nutrients are required on your farm to eliminate wastage on the parts of your farm where they are not required - and to avoid exclusion zones and sensitive areas such as waterways, wetlands and native bush. This prescriptive approach provides you with a new way of thinking about fertiliser application and keeps the decisions in your hands to align with your goals.

3) SpreadSmart

SpreadSmart allows you to place the right product, at the right application rate - in the right place, at the right time.

Your prescription farm map is uploaded to the aircraft’s computer, and combined with GPS guidance and tracking systems, the SpreadSmart software controls the hydraulics to automate the aircraft’s hopper for faster, more precise and safer fertiliser application.

4) Proof of Application

Once your fertiliser application has been completed, we will provide you with an accurate and auditable proof-of-application map that highlights the full flight lines and variabilities of your fertiliser application.

Super Air allows you to enable your farm’s Environmental Plan with confidence and provides you with the proof that you are complying with environmental regulations.

Torkington maps
View slope, aspect, spread, and POA maps now.

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Waipori maps
View slope, spread, aspect and landuse maps now.

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SpreadSmart combines GPS guidance and tracking systems with computerised farm mapping to automate the trickiest part of aerial topdressing - opening and closing the fertiliser hopper at the right time, in the right place.

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