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Now you can make cost-effective decisions with confidence

MitAgator is a science-backed planning tool that helps you make smart decisions for the future. Using innovative technology, MitAgator helps you identify nutrient loss hotspots on your farm – and shows the effect of various mitigation strategies. So you can be confident you’re farming productively and sustainably for generations to come

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Nutrient retention

Helping your land hold on to nutrients is vital to keep it healthy and productive for the long-haul. MitAgator identifies which soil areas are working well, and how you can help other areas perform better.


Contaminants, bacteria and water quality

MitAgator provides over 25 different mitigation scenarios, from riparian planting to constructed wetlands, giving you confidence to make informed decisions to protect your waterways.


Sediment and soil erosion
MitAgator can help you manage slippage and sediment loss from your land by pinpointing risk areas and providing various mitigation options to suit your budget and farm type.



Working together for a sustainable future

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