Ballance with Nature

We’re here to help you farm productively and sustainably

Farming and growing is vital to New Zealand and our economy. Our farming community is constantly adapting and evolving, to ensure we continue to thrive in the years ahead. And at Ballance, we see the potential to make a real difference to the future of farming and growing in New Zealand. Which is why we are proud to introduce Ballance with Nature.

Ballance with Nature has seven key principles

There are seven key principles to Ballance with Nature – and you might find you’re doing many of them already.

7 principles of Ballance with Nature; healthy soil, cleaner air, nutrient efficiency, healthy water, native biodiversity, resource utilisation and animal care

farm landscape showing soil

Why is soil health important?

Healthy soil provides the optimal environment for plants to access the water and nutrients they need to grow. When we get the balance right, healthy soil grows healthy food, protects our water quality and even helps minimise greenhouse gases.

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